Offender: “I didn’t know I wasn’t allowed to carry a knife”

Court news.
Court news.

A man pleaded ignorance to the country’s laws when he was caught with a knife outside a nightclub, a court has been told.

Valerij Naumcik, 32, of Larkspur Croft, in Boston, appeared before Boston Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday pleading guilty with possessing a knife in a public place.

Prosecutor Jim Clare said police were called to the H2O bar on London Road in the early hours of Saturday, September14, after a passing member of public alerted door staff to Naumcik possessing a knife.

He said that a policeman approached him, and noticing his right hand was in his pocket, took hold of it as he spoke to Naumcik, who is originally from Lithuania and in court spoke through an interpreter.

He removed the defendents hand from his pocket and saw a ‘small kitchen knife’ and Naumcik was arrested.

Mr Clare added: “When he was interviewed in relation to the matter he said he didn’t realise it was an offence in this country to carry the item in a public place.

“When asked to account for why he was in possession he refused to comply and provide further information.”

Defending, Andrew Goldsborough pointed to Naumcik’s early guilty plea and admissions during interview.

He said Naumcik worked as a factory worker and used the knife to open pallets. He said the day before the defendant had been working and had gone straight from work to a friends and joined him out in town.

Mr Goldsborough added: “It wasn’t dangerous circumstances, it wasn’t brandished or to be used.”

Magistrates gave Naumcik a £200 fine and ordered him to pay £85 costs and £20 victim surcharge. They also ordered the destruction of the knife.