One county, 24hrs, 500 police incidents

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YOUTHS riding a lawnmower in the street, a caller receiving obscene phone calls and reports of hare coursing...

These are only three of a list of at least 47 incidents around Boston out of a total of 500 county-wide, released by Lincolnshire Police.

It details every single incident reported over the 24-hour period from noon on Saturday, November 27, until noon on Sunday, November 28.

It is the first time the police have released such details.

The aim is to give the public a snapshot of the type and quantity of issues officers deal with on a daily basis.

Chief Constable Richard Crompton said ‘untypical’ reports of snowball throwing and icy roads also demonstrate the importance of making careful judgements on how to deploy forces, which calls were urgent, which can be left a while and which can be dealt with on the phone.

He said: “The majority of calls are genuine and important to the people making them and consequently the way we respond to every request is important as well.

“I hope this snapshot of a day in the life of Lincolnshire Police will demonstrate just what we have to deal with, but what won’t be obvious is the amount of time we have to spend on many of the reports to ensure we meet the expectations of the caller.”

He added the police aimed to provide a quality service.

The list includes 999 calls, non-emergency calls and reports to police stations.

Other incidents around the town include a young boy losing his mother in a park, several collisions, drunken men in a shop, youths on a shop roof, a possible intruder at a care home and people found taking drugs at a pub.

To see the complete list of incidents go to and click on news releases.