Open prison team helps clear up 932 fly tips


Council leaders have praised work in the borough to tackle environmental crime such as fly tipping - and labelled offenders as ‘disgusting’.

A meeting of Boston Borough Council’s cabinet on Wednesday revealed how Operation FlySwat, which includes North Sea Camp and nine other organisations, collected 932 fly tips in Boston during 2013-14.

Coun Derek Richmond praised the report but said: “It’s impressive that we have collected 932 fly tips but doesn’t that just show how disgusting some people are.”

Coun Mike Gilbert said the initiative showed it wasn’t all bad news about the Freiston Shore open prison.

He said: “North Sea Camp has received incredibly bad press but there are some real advantages to having it in our area and the FlySwat team is a good example of that.”

Up to November this year the council had handed out 24 fixed penalty notices(FPNs), with six unpaid. The report said the council had also attended 46 abandoned vehicles. Councillors also praised the clean up of Hatters Lane, including replacing wheelie bins with black and blue bags, and performing a deep clean.

Coun Richmond added: “I’m not saying it’s perfect but it’s 100 per cent better than it was.”

A name and shame campaign, which the council runs with The Standard was also praised after litterbugs were identified and FPNs given – two offenders even handed themselves in at Boston Police Station.

Organisations have also been dealing with cigarette ends by providing bins.

Spitting was also an issue and it was noted that from February next year it will be classed as littering and result in a fixed penalty notice.