‘Out of control’ teen smeared faeces over police cell after going on the ‘rampage’

News from the Boston Standard, Lincolnshire: bostonstandard.co.uk, on Twitter @standardboston
News from the Boston Standard, Lincolnshire: bostonstandard.co.uk, on Twitter @standardboston

An ‘out of control’ teenager smeared his faeces over a police cell after committing a string of offences on the ‘rampage’ in Boston.

Skegness Magistrates’ Court was told that after Simion Edwards, 18, of Ingram Road, Boston, was released from custody in November, he went ‘on the rampage’ around Boston, committing thefts, damage, sexually assaulting a 12-year-old girl and, when he was detained in a police cell, he spread his faeces all over it.

Edwards admitted stealing a hat and gloves from Scooby Doo’s in Boston on January 28, but the court was told he had been given a conditional discharge for theft just two days previously and had committed two further shoplifting offences.

It was also said Edwards was in breach of a suspended prison sentence imposed only last November and that he had not signed the Sex Offenders’ Register as he was ordered to do after his conviction for the sexual assault last year.

He had also arrived three hours late for his first appointment with the Probation Service and had walked out when he was told he would have to wait and as a result the Probation Service had ‘grave doubts’ he would comply with any court order and thought that he could not be managed within the community.

In mitigation, Mark Hudson said Edwards was ‘off the rails’ and had effectively ‘put two fingers up to the court’.

However, he said, it was more difficult to see why he had acted so stupidly.

Mr Hudson said Edwards had a complex family history that he would not talk about, and he asked the magistrates to give him one last chance.

“Only the Probation Service can help him,” he said.

However, at the hearing on Tuesday, January 29, magistrates told Edwards he had not co-operated with court orders and ordered he serve the three month suspended custodial sentence. They also sentenced him to 14 days custody for the latest shoplifting offence, to run concurrently. Edwards was also told his existing community order would stay in place for when he came out of custody.