‘Out of the blue’ attack on pensioner

Brian Baxter
Brian Baxter

AN ELDERLY man was punched to the floor on Saturday night in what police believe may have been a racist attack.

Pensioner Brian Baxter, 74, was returning to his bungalow in Staniland Road, Boston, from a trip to the nearby Co-Op store in Woodville Road when he fell victim to an unprovoked attack.

Mr Baxter said: “He grabbed me on my shoulder, spun me around and just thumped me in the face.

“When I looked up he was running off. I had to crawl to a bungalow to use the wall to get myself up because I’ve had two hip operations.

“It just came out of the blue.”

The attack, which took place shortly after 6pm, was committed by a man who was wearing a grey zip-up top.

Police say that, because of alleged comments made by the attacker to Mr Baxter before he was knocked to the ground, that the assault may have been racially motivated.

Mr Baxter suffered cuts and bruises to his face and suffered concussion.

Granddaughter Kerry Sanderson said: “He’s not too keen about going out now after this.

“He has been overwhelmed by the support he’s had though from people coming around to see him. We put something on Facebook and people have sent messages of support.

“The paramedics came out when it happened and said that because he’s fit and healthy he’s OK. If he had had an underlying health condition he might not have been so lucky.”

Mr Baxter had been due to host his brother and sister-in-law and had gone to the shops to buy supplies.

Insp Phil Clark said: “This was a serious incident involving an unprovoked attack on an elderly man and the matter is being thoroughly investigated to identify the person responsible as quickly as possible.”

The attacker is described as non-English, in his twenties and wearing a grey top.

Police are urging anyone with information about the attack to call them on 101 quoting incident 355 of January 28.