Patient had illegal drug in hospital

A PILGRIM Hospital patient who was found to be in possession of amphetamine claimed he found the drug in the grounds of the site, a court has been told.

Elroy Dilla, whose address was given as being at the hospital, was caught out because staff throught he had been acting erratically, Boston magistrates heard.

However, when they asked him about his drug use, he denied it.

It was only when he was spotted hiding a quantity of the drug when he was asked again and he was discovered to be in possession of the class B drug, the prosecution said.

On Wednesday, Daniel Paulson, for the Crown, said he was seen to be hiding a small wrap of the drug in his hand when staff asked him to remove his shoes and socks, which was later identified as amphetamine. Dilla told police it was for personal use alone, Mr Paulson said.

Defending, Beris Brickles said the 32-year-old, who has used amphetamine in the past, had found the small amount of the drug in the grounds and realised what it was after tasting it.

He just happened to have it on him when he was searched.

Mr Brickles told magistrates: “It’s not something he has been taking on such an exhaustive basis that he has been committing offences regularly. This is a an isolated incident for him.”

Dilla admitted being in possession of the class B drug on April 17 when he appeared before court last week.

Magistrates gave him a 12-month conditional discharge and asked him to pay £85 court costs. They also ordered forfeiture and destruction of the drugs.