Elliott Fountain. Police and Crime Commissioner Candidate
Elliott Fountain. Police and Crime Commissioner Candidate

THANK you for letting me put some words forward regarding the policies I would like to implement if I become Police Commissioner.

Firstly I will reduce my wages by 50 per cent and I will give the remainder of the monies to youths to start businesses and to help steer them away from any crime.

I would like to make a cast iron guarantee that the streets, households and businesses would be a lot safer as me as police commissioner.

I would cut crime in Lincolnshire by a minimum of 25 per cent in the first year or else I would stand down. I would have a zero tolerance policy on all crime however petty, but mostly importantly I would tackle class A drug dealers and drug addicts who blight and commit more than 80 per cent of all crime in Lincolnshire.

Drugs and drug takers and the crime they commit are the most dangerous thing on our streets today, they ruin lives and other people lives around them.

If you take away the supply and the need for drugs you take away shoplifting, theft, burglary, robberies and all other crimes.

This can quite easily be done by taking the 50 biggest dealers off the street of Lincolnshire.

Police finances are going to be cut but there are still millions and millions of pounds available and this money needs to be used more wisely and efficiently. This can only be done with someone with experience in business which I have had since I was 17.

We need to stop political correctness and be a lot tougher to criminals.

I will lobby the government to give criminals tougher sentences and to bring back the death penalty for rapists, paedophiles, serial killers and people who kill police officers.

Confidence needs to be reinstalled in the police of Lincolnshire and the country and the public need to respect and to also fear police officers.

The police need to earn the trust back from the local community and then the local communities will help the police which is a two-way thing.

Confidence and faith needs to be given to the general public and be assured we will act and pursue all known criminals to the full extent of the law.

I hope this gives a brief insight to my hopes and aspirations in making my home county where I have lived all my life a safer place for everyone of us.

God bless Lincolnshire and all thee who love the county.