Richard Davies. Police and Crime Commissioner Candidate
Richard Davies. Police and Crime Commissioner Candidate

FOR the first time since the modern police force was formed the people of Lincolnshire will have the opportunity to decide how they are policed.

Having been born and raised in Lincolnshire I have a deep affinity and connection to public concerns in relation to crime. Running a small business in the county and raising a family here means I am acutely aware of the issues that have been ignored for too long by our London-centric policing system. I was fortunate to be elected to the county council in 2009 and subsequently join Lincolnshire Police Authority, and the three years I spent working at the heart of Lincolnshire policing has shown me first hand how the systems work and also where they fall down.

The role of Lincolnshire Police and Crime Commissioner brings with it key powers but also huge responsibility and the opportunity to make a really significant difference to the lives of Lincolnshire residents. The priorities I would set match the needs, hopes and fears of the people who actually live here, not distant experts and bureaucrats. Gone are the barriers that prevent real change and I am not afraid to make the difficult decisions that will help to combat anti-social behaviour, the fear of crime and the threat of repeat offenders. My no-nonsense approach will cut through the excuses and indifference that has left many people disillusioned with the police - I am not prepared to put up with the status quo, quite simply how we do things now is not good enough.

Undoubtedly cuts in police budgets will lead to public concerns about the ability of our law enforcement community to deliver on the issues which concern them. By adopting new business processes and focusing on the public’s priorities I firmly believe we can improve both how Lincolnshire police perform and how the people of Lincolnshire view our police.

My priorities are simple:

l Visible policing - get the police out of the stations into our communities where they can deter criminals and protect people and property. Why do we see so little of the 1100 police officers currently employed?

l Crime prevention - with the police only detecting the criminals behind 27% of crimes - to reduce the number of victims of crime we need more crime prevention. Is it right that you are more likely to be a victim of crime here in the UK than in the USA?

l Better value for money - With reducing budgets every penny counts and we need to focus on frontline policing therefore we need the technology, processes and equipment that delivers the best performance for the best value.

On November 15 we can make the choice to improve our community, make people feel safer and cut the number of people who become victims of crime. To make this happen I need your support so please VOTE DAVIES on November 15.

To find out more either logon to www.votedavies.co.uk or call me on 07776 253 374.