Police and Crime Commissioner candidates outline what they would do in Boston

The men bidding to become the head of our police have backed tough action on street drinking in Boston as they make their late bid for votes.

The four contenders for the Police and Crime Commissioner election have spelled out what they would do in Boston ahead of the polling day tomorrow.

Conservative Richard Davies and Labour’s Paul Gleeson both say street drinking and anti-social behaviour are the number one issue.

Mr Gleeson wants an outright ban on drinking in the street. He said: “I don’t think there’s any need for people to be drinking on the streets and there are so many knock-ons with anti-social behaviour – a lot of that is fuelled by that.”

Mr Davies said the key to solving the issue is getting a visible police presence at hotspots.

Mr Davies: “What we can do very very quickly is get officers out of the station and into the street.”

David Bowles, standing for the Campaign to Stop Politicians Running Policing, agrees action must be taken on street drinking – and says it is one of a number of issues raised from a council inquiry into population growth that must be tackled.

He said: “If you don’t have a frank and open dialogue with people it creates a vacuum where those with different agendas come in and create tensions.”

Independent Alan Hardwick also raised issues surrounding immigration as a priority and wants to ‘reconnect’ the police with what the people want.

He said: “Boston has problems with the huge increase in population and they are problems that probably don’t exist anywhere else in the county.”

Voters will be asked to list their top two candidates. For details call 08001070708 or visit www.bostonstandard.co.uk for candidate profiles and more on the role.