Police chief says ‘Boston is a safe town’

Chief Insp Paul Timmins.
Chief Insp Paul Timmins.

A police chief has said Boston is “a safe town” despite two men being wounded in separate incidents on consecutive weekends.

Last weekend a man suffered a stab wound while another man sustained gunshot wounds during the previous weekend.

Two violent incidents in a short space of time will not dampen our resolve to keep Boston safe.

Police chief inspector Paul Timmins

Boston’s community policing chief inspector, Paul Timmins, said today (Wednesday) that suspects have been charged with offences for both incidents.

He continued: “Because of that we are limited in what we can say about them because proceedings are active.

“However they are not linked and they have occurred between people who have prior knowledge of each other.”

Chief Insp Timmins said he understood the concern from members of the public about the incidents.

“But we have taken steps to reassure our communities that Boston remains a safe town,” he said.

Chief Insp Timmins said that the police were on track to record the lowest numbers of violent crimes for five years.

He said: “Violent crime is down 23 per cent year on year and we do not just respond to reports of violence alone but work in partnership with other agencies to deter violent behaviour and prevent offences.

“Since January we have dealt with 200 people who have breached the public space protection order in the town centre – often referred to as street drinking. Incidents are reducing and our focus on alcohol issues is because alcohol is a factor in other offences including violence.

“We continue to support our street pastors who provide a valuable service of care and compassion during the evenings. We are piloting a scheme where offenders who abuse alcohol are offered support to get them off drink and therefore reduce their risk of re-offending. But most importantly we are supporting victims of crime, providing them with a voice and a means of seeking justice.”

The chief inspector said Boston has changed significantly over the past few years and acknowledged there had been community tensions in the past.

He continued: “But the community has come through that and we are a mature community which has adapted well to the changing circumstances. Boston is a fantastic place to live and work.

“Two violent incidents in a short space of time will not dampen our resolve to keep Boston safe.

“We thank the public of Boston for their support and would ask they continue to report crimes to us and help us police our town appropriately.”

• Read a full report on the violent incidents – and the police response – in The Boston Standard tomorrow.