Police chief understands why people are ‘afraid’ over violent crime numbers

Chief Supt Paula Wood. Stock image.
Chief Supt Paula Wood. Stock image.

The chief superintendent of Boston police has said she ‘understands the fears’ of the Boston community and is concerned people are ‘afraid’ and has promised additional officers on the streets after this weekends death.

In a statement Chief Superintendent Paula Wood said the most recent case was one of seven ‘very serious offences involving murder, attempted murder, manslaughter or wounding with intent to endanger life in the Boston area this year’.

She moved to reassure people that all the incidents involved violence within homes and were not random attacks, adding ‘the victims and the offenders are believed to have known to each other’.

She said “These offences and the number of them are very unusual for Boston and the wider county.”

Ms Woods reiterated past messages that Lincolnshire remained ‘a low crime county’ despite the latest tragedy, adding it had ‘one of the lowest rates for violent crime in the country’.

She said: “We have robustly investigated each and every one of these incidents.

“Aside from the latest death, where four people have been arrested, all the other offences have resulted in arrests, charges and court proceedings.

“Three offences have resulted in people losing their lives whilst in another four other people were seriously injured or almost died.

“In all the cases, preceding the death of Mr Kirkickas, suspects have been charged.

She added: “All those charged have been through the courts or are presently involved in the judicial process which, in cases as serious as these, can take some time.

“I understand the fears of the Boston community, I am concerned that they are afraid of the risk of their families or themselves coming to harm.

“We need to redouble our efforts and refresh our messages to try to prevent or limit more crimes of a similar nature.

“I am particularly worried about the part that abuse of alcohol has played in many of the incidents.

“There will be additional police officers and police community support officers on the streets of Boston.

“I would encourage members of the public to approach them with information and to discuss any fears and problems that they may have.”