POLICE COMMISSIONER: Candidates react to concerns in police report

CANDIDATES from the political parties have clashed over an official report which raises concerns about Lincolnshire Police’s future finances.

Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) found that the force was one of three which were at risk of not being able to provide a ‘sufficiently efficient or effective service’.

Labour Party police and crime commissioner Phil Dilks candidate described the report as ‘deeply shocking’.

He said: “It is now clear that police cuts being forced through by the Tory-led Government are too deep, too fast and risk public safety.”

He will campaign against cuts in the run-up to the November 15 election.

He added: “Lincolnshire needs someone who will stand up for local communities and work to get a better deal for Lincolnshire. The last thing we need is another Tory cheerleader for more police cuts.

“I’ll fight to cut crime, not police officers.”

Grantham county councillor Richard Davies is on the Conservative Party three-man shortlist. He says the problems come from ‘faceless bureaucrats’ and said his party can deliver ‘sensible efficiency savings’.

He said: “It is very worrying to see that Lincolnshire Police has been named as one of the forces that is least prepared to deal with reductions in public spending.

“The failure of leadership by the police authority just shows why Lincolnshire needs a strong Police and Crime Commissioner with a mandate from the people of Lincolnshire to make changes to the police force’s priorities.

“For too long Lincolnshire Police have been told what to do by faceless bureaucrats in Whitehall, they have set targets that have nothing to do with what the people of Lincolnshire care about.

“This has led to the mismatch between spending priorities both locally and nationally.

“Conservatives in Lincolnshire have a track record of delivering sensible efficiency savings while at the same time protecting frontline services.

“As the Police and Crime Commissioner for Lincolnshire I would not fund crime prevention gimmicks or media campaigns, I would simply focus on getting uniformed police officers onto our streets.”