Police decide on landmark ‘outsource’ deal

POLICE bosses have agreed a landmark deal to outsource some of its services to a private firm.

This afternoon Lincolnshire Police Authority has selected G4S as its preferred bidder to enter into a “strategic partnership” and do back office police work.

The £200 million contract is part of the force’s cost-cutting move to restructure and meet tough Government cuts which see it lose 20 per cent of its grant in real terms. That translates to £20.8 million in four years.

The G4S deal would see it handle operational services such as:

* Custody & ID Unit(excludes custody sergeant role)

* Force Control Room (excludes inspector role)

* Town Enquiry officers

* Crime Management Bureau

* Central Ticket Office and Collisions Unit

* Criminal Justice Unit

* Firearms Licensing (excluding manager and initially licensing officers)

* Resource Management Unit

It would also look after business support functions such as:


* HR Services (excluding Occupational Health Unit)

* HR Learning & Development

* Assets and Facilities Management (including Fleet Management)

* Finance & Procurement

* Support Services

A joint statement from Lincolnshire Police Authority Chairman Barry Young and Chief Constable Richard Crompton reads:

“The Authority was determined to provide a sustainable solution for policing Lincolnshire.

“In the event, we are confident that our decisions will not only ensure the best possible outcomes for the communities we serve, but also that they have put us firmly in the vanguard for change in the way British policing is delivered.

“Reacting quickly to the financial challenges imposed by the Government, we had already completed extensive organisational re-structuring which, allied with more regional collaboration, has proved extremely effective.

“Throughout this period of change – probably the most significant in the history of Lincolnshire Police – our priorities have always been, and will continue to be, protecting the people of Lincolnshire, providing the best services possible and the best value for money.

“The aim has been to create a model that will transform policing and its delivery – allowing the organisation space to begin to bridge the financial gap whilst maintaining, modernising and improving services.

“Over the period of the contract this new approach will make significant savings, whilst also providing investment in key areas like IT infrastructure.

“The subsequent streamlining of processes will free up officer time to concentrate on operational policing.

“The partnership deal has the widest scope of any for policing in the country and is now open to other authorities.

“The Lincolnshire model is the new benchmark, underpinning the future of local policing and investing in new technologies and services.

“If additional authorities decide to obtain services through the contract, they could be provided from Lincolnshire – potentially giving a boost to local employment.

“This new approach will mean that the leanest police force in Britain, which already provides its services at the lowest cost per head of population, will be able to meet the challenges laid down by the government whilst also meeting the high standards rightly expected by the people of Lincolnshire.

“This is not a total solution and the Authority still faces significant financial challenges, but it does provide a solid foundation to secure quality and value for money policing of our communities in the future.”