Police say ‘van snatcher’ reports are false

Police have said that reports circulating on social media of a man trying to bundle a child into a black van are untrue.

Messages posted on Facebook claim a man has been spotted trying to force a child into a Mercedes van in the Woodville Road area.

Some social media posts have revealed the number plate of the vehicle in question.

Police say they there are no incidents nor intelligence relating to that area or any of the town’s schools.

Officers believe that people may have been confused by a similar appeal launched by Suffolk Police last week and urged people act to with caution to social media posts.

Inspector Dave Rimmer said: “Lincolnshire Police is not investigating any reports of suspicious vans or attempted abductions in Boston and would stress to the community the importance of obtaining information from a trusted source rather than social media rumour.

“Publishing a vehicle’s registration number based on hearsay and rumour is fraught with potential problems and could lead to an innocent individual being unfairly suspected of a crime.

“In this instance, it would appear that our colleagues at Suffolk Police put out an appeal for vigilance outside schools in their county following a suspicious incident in their county.”