Police search Boston home in bid to solve missing man riddle

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Police have searched an address in Boston in a bid to solve the ‘cold case’ of a man who went missing in 1987.

It has been revealed today that the former home of Trevor Clay, in Woodthorpe Avenue, was visited by officers who were re-looking into the evidence surrounding his disappearance.

There was a full-scale search of the home and garden, which is now under new ownership.

Police have said that they did not find Mr Clay’s body.

A spokesman said: “This is his old home, somebody else lives there now. We have examined parts of the garden and parts of the house.”

Other searches have taken place in the South Holland area.

A spokesman added: “Our Underwater Search Unit have conducted a sonar scan of the river bed at Surfleet Seas End as there was a possible sighting at the time that his car may have gone down there.”

Mr Clay was 47 at the time of his disappearance, which was in July 1987.

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