Police set to use new ‘dispersal’ powers in Boston this weekend

Police news.
Police news.

Boston police have vowed to use new powers this weekend to combat anti-social behaviour in the town.

Officers have obtained a dispersal notice, which comes into force at 9pm tonight and lasts until 8.59pm on Sunday. The powers mean police can move people on if they are causing - or look likely to cause - anti-social behaviour.

Once moved on, they cannot return to the area for up to 48 hours.

The powers can be used on anyone who is, or appears to be, over 10. Under 16s can, under the rules, be taken home or to a place of safety.

Officers will also be allowed to use the notice, part of the new Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014, to ask for items such as alcohol, fireworks or spray paint to be handed over if they feel people are set to use them to commit anti-social behaviour.

The new legislation replaces old powers, which were repealed on October 20. The new powers are supposed to give officers more flexibility to tackle troublemakers.

Inspector Will Tharby said: “The authority is aimed at protecting the community from issues of anti-social behaviour by providing a swift but effective interaction. Similar to the existing DPPO (Designated Public Place Order), the Dispersal Zone covers much of the town centre including Central Park.”

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