Police to tackle people smoking legal highs in public

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People openly smoking ‘legal highs’ in public places will be tackled by police under a new initiative to crack down on those using the substances.

Boston Police say they have received an increasing number of reports of people smoking the substances from home-made pipes in the town centre.

A police spokesman said: “After investigation it has transpired that the items being smoked are in fact so-called ‘legal highs’, but the way in which these are smoked is no different to harder controlled substances.

“Whilst this is not illegal behaviour it is socially unacceptable, and is causing some people alarm and distress.

“It is possible that if police attend they may find other offences to deal with those involved, such as Public Order offences.”

Local community policing inspector Dave Rimmer said: “Our hands are tied to some extent as the substances are not illegal, but I do encourage that anyone seeing this type of activity should report it to us.

“We will check the substances are not illegal, move people on, and make sure those engaged in this activity are aware of the impact that their behaviour is having on others. If other connected offences are evident, those involved will be dealt with.”

Only last week, Lincolnshire Police launched ‘Operation Burdock’ – working with Trading Standards and public health officials to tackle the use of New Psychoactive Substances (NPS) commonly-known as ‘legal highs’.

Its focus is primarily on young people after an increasing number of reports of use in schools in Lincoln.

Police have launched the initiative in Boston area, where they have noted such legal highs are on sale in shops.

Pictured above are some of the home-made pipes found in Boston town centre.