Pop up police station to deal with Boston revellers

Boston Police Station
Boston Police Station

A mobile police station will be set up in Boston’s Market Place this weekend to keep an eye on the town’s festive partygoers.

The police are working with other agencies to create a ‘Safer Zone’ in the town on Saturday night to try to promote safety for pre-Christmas pubbers and clubbers.

Sgt Melissa Doko said: “The festive season is traditionally a time of year in which more people are out at night celebrating.

“For many, this is the only time of year they go out and we want to ensure they have a safe and positive experience of Boston.”

Officers have vowed to step in and give Section 27 ‘dispersal’ notices to force people to leave the town centre if they are misbehaving.

Anyone in possession of drugs will also have their hands swabbed as a record.

Sgt Doko stressed the event was ‘not about spoiling anyone’s fun’.

Police will be helped by borough council staff, street pastors and the Addaction team.

Borough council principal community safety officer Pete Hunn said: “We want people to have fun and enjoy the festive season but those whose behaviour negatively impacts on the enjoyment of others should be warned that anti-social behaviour and criminal activity will not be tolerated.”

The mobile station will be in place from 7pm.