Post-flood stress led to ‘out of character’ drunken behaviour towards police officer

Court news.
Court news.

The pressure of the floods and the stress of rebuilding a business has landed a pub manager with £245 to pay to Boston Magistrates Court.

Daniel George Philpott, 27, of Church Street, Boston, appeared before the court on Wednesday, pleading guilty to the offence of being drunk and disorderly in a public place.

Prosecutor Jim Clare, said that just before midnight on February 7, officers were called to Church Street and found two males acting aggressively.

The officers approached Philpott and told him to calm down but Mr Clare said he spoke over them while threatening the other male.

He said Philpott, the manager of the Britannia Pub, swore and threatened the other man.

Mr Clare said: “He then turned around, closed the Britannia pub door behind him while shouting at the police officer.

“Philpott was told in no uncertain terms to go to bed and look at the situation in the morning. He seemed to calm down and closed the door behind him, but re-emerged from the pub.”

Mr Clare said he shouted at officers to ‘say it to my face’ and swore, before slamming the door in their faces. It was then he was arrested.

Philpott, who was unrepresented, apologised for his behaviour and said it was ‘out of character’.

He said the incident didn’t involve the pub, which was closed at the time. He was let in the building by another member of staff.

He said: “I see drunk pople every day, I had a lot of pressure with the floods. It was totally out of character and will not happen again.

“Most of my swear words were directed at the other man, not at police.”

He said he had been under a lot of pressure since the floods, with the pub unable to open until recently.

“I haven’t been able to pay myself or earn any money. I’ve been very stressed about it.”

Magistrates gave Philpott a £140 fine, £20 victim surcharge and ordered him to pay £85 costs.

Another male also appeared in relation to the incident but pleaded not guilty to being drunk and disorderly and was sent for trial at Skegness Magistrates’ Court on June 20.