Resident pushed worker

A SUPPORT worker with a heart condition was shoved in the chest and pushed against a wall in an argument with a resident at the hostel where he worked, magistrates were told last week.

Neil Phillips suffered 
palpitations when he was assaulted by Ashley Place at the Framework Hostel in Fydell Street on July 4, after the 18-year-old became irate when he was told he was not allowed to have visitors, the bench heard.

Place, of no fixed abode, admitted assualt, but said he had not intended to hurt Mr Phillips when he barged past him in a rage.

Rebecca Ritson, prosecuting, said Place was not allowed to have visitors because of his issues with cannabis.

However on this day he had been seen with another man who did not live at the centre.

When challenged by Mr Phillips and another support worker he became aggressive and barged past Mr Phillips towards the exit, shoving him in the chest as he went.

Ms Ritson added that Place also pushed the man against a wall by his hips, but Andrew Goldsborough, mitigating, said he denied this allegation, describing the incident as ‘reckless assault’.

Place was given a conditional discharge for 8 months and told to pay £50 compensation to Mr Phillips and £85 costs to the court.