Robber who preyed on lone women in Boston jailed after knife attack

JAILED: Danny Walden
JAILED: Danny Walden

A robber who targeted lone women on the streets of Boston has been jailed for six years at Lincoln Crown Court.

Danny Walden carried out attacks on two victims over a 48 hour period leaving them traumatised after snatching their handbags as they walked alone.

Andrew Scott, prosecuting, said Walden carried out his first robbery on 29 December when he attacked a woman in the Broadfield Lane area of Boston.

The victim , who is in her 40s, was walking home from visiting her GP surgery when Walden approached her from behind.

Mr Scott said “He pushed her against a hedge and grabbed hold of her shoulder bag.”

The woman screamed and struggled with Walden as she tried to hang on to her bag.

“All of a sudden he produced a knife and was making stabbing motions. The defendant then stabbed her with the knife in the left shoulder.”

Walden made off with the bag containing £140 cash, a mobile phone and keys.

The woman gave such a detailed description to police of her attacker that they quickly linked the crime to Walden. He was arrested at a nearby house where officers found him sweating profusely. The woman’s mobile phone was discovered underneath the chair where he was sitting.”

Walden was later given bail but went on to attack again on New Year’s Eve when he snatched the bag of a 66 year old woman who was walking in the same area on her way to visit her hairdresser.

He grabbed the woman’s bag and although she tried to resist he was too powerful for her and was able to run off with it.

Afterwards he was chased and caught by two passers by who forced him to drop the bag. In a struggle that followed Walden managed to break free but was detained later by police in King Street.

Walden, 50, of Frampton Place, Boston, admitted two charges of robbery committed on 29 and 31 December. He was jailed for six years yesterday, Monday February 1.

The court was told he had 38 previous convictions for a total of 90 offences.

Judge John Pini QC, passing sentence, told him “These are very serious offences. Your victims were women who were both targeted because they were on their own and seen to be easy prey for you.”

Alison Summers, defending, said “In his own words he has been a smack head for five years and a user of amphetamine for well over 25 years.

“Essentially he has been homeless for a number of years.

“He had recently been released from prison. He had no money and his methadone script had been stopped. It was those combinations that led him to behave in the way he did in December.

“He is deeply ashamed by his conduct towards these two women.”