Serial offender broke windows in act of ‘drunken stupidity’

Court news.
Court news.

A man who disobeyed the rule of the court three times has now been found guilty of smashing windows in Boston’s Tawney Street.

Janis Diks, 27, of Wyberton West Road, Boston, appeared before Boston Magistrates’ Court, pleading guilty to two charges of criminal damage.

He also pleaded guilty to failing to comply with the requirements of a community order made on January 29 following a theft and two breaches of a conditional discharge – which had already seen him have ten hours unpaid work added to his order for a breach on April 5.

Prosecutor Paul Wood told District Judge John Stobart that a 78-year-old woman was at home on Tawney Street on June 28, when she heard the sound of breaking glass.

She got out of bed and found the defendant at a window wearing dark clothes and a hood. He then left.

Mr Wood said that when police arrived at the house they heard noises next door and saw Diks with a broom handle trying to break a window. They could also see a screwdriver on the window.

He ran away when called to by police but was arrested shortly after – officers said in their view he was ‘the worse for wear and very drunk’.

He later told officers he had been drinking in Central Park while celebrating a national holiday and couldn’t remember breaking the windows.

Probation officer Chris Payne said Diks had breached his order on two days. However, he said Diks had completed 80 hours of the 110.

Defending, Liz Hart said Diks was working full-time and that work had drawn him away on those days. She said he wanted to get the order completed as fast as possible.

Mr Stobart added 10 hours unpaid work for the latest breach and ordered Diks to pay a £75 fine, £20 victim surcharge, £30 compensation to the victim, £85 costs to prosecution and £75 costs to probation.

He said the matters were ‘drunken stupidity which caused other people upset and expense’ he also warned Diks he could face prison if he breached again.