Sewage stink causes police cell closure

A PUNGENT whiff of sewage forced officers to shut the cells at Boston Police Station, leaving them with a 15 mile trip to put people in custody.

More than 100 offenders had to be taken to Spalding Police Station while work was done to get rid of the smell and replace a floor in the station after the unpleasant odours were investigated earlier in the month.

Custody sergeant Inspector Dave Edwards said: “Boston Custody Suite has been closed for building works between Thursday, February 9, and Thursday, February 23.

“The work was required due to drainage problems, which necessitated the floor in a corridor being replaced. The work came about following investigation of sewage type smells in the suite.

“All remedial work has been completed to a high standard, and the suite has been re-opened on schedule.”

The custody suite at Spalding was re-opened to accommodate 106 people who were arrested during the works. It had been closed following a trial in which prisoners from Spalding were brought to Boston in a bid to streamline the service to cut costs and see if the area could cope with one facility.

Despite teething problems, including capacity issues and some concerns about transporting prisoners, the cells at Spalding have been mothballed with prisoners brought to Boston. It is part of a raft of measures aimed at slashing more than £20 million over the next few years.