Shoplifter stole ‘to feed family’

A SHOPLIFTER who stole items from three shops in Boston claimed she did so ‘to make ends meet’, magistrates were told last week.

Diana Degtiarenko, of Trinity Street, Boston, admitted stealing shaving foam, perfume and groceries when she appeared before Boston Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday, but her solicitor said she had been driven to it by desperation, as her husband had not been working at the time and they had little money.

The prosecution said the 31-year-old had stolen shaving foam from Wilkinsons on May 4, two bottles of perfume at a value of £92 from Superdrug on May 1 and groceries from Heron Foods on May 18.

Items were recovered for two of the thefts, but the perfume was not returned, the court was told.

Mark Hudson, prosecuting, said her husband was out of work for a period of four months.

He added: “She decided to make ends meet by going and stealing things, some that she could keep herself and other things she could sell to buy food.

“She’s not pleased by what she had to do, but she believes those days are behind her as her husband is now working and can put food on the table.”

Degtiarenko was given a conditional discharge for 12 months and ordered to pay £92 compensation to Superdrug.