Shoplifting came at ‘traumatic’ time

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A BOSTON man appeared before magistrates last week during a ‘traumatic time’ in his life his solicitor claimed.

William Turner, of Fenside Road, Boston, was brought before the court on Wednesday after he was caught trying to steal two bottles of aftershave from Oldrids. He claimed he had taken them to sell so he could pay his rent, as money he would normally have would not be available for some time, the court was told.

However, instead of ending up with money to pay for housing, the act left the 44-year-old with a suspended prison sentence hanging over his head, after he pleaded guilty to theft from a shop and admitted breaching three probation orders imposed over the past couple of years.

A spokesman for the probation service told Boston Magistrates’ Court Turner had failed to turn up for a number of appointments after the orders were imposed for several acts of theft which have taken place since December 2010. She asked for the orders to be revoked by the court and resentenced.

John Storer, mitigating, said Turner had failed to comply with the orders because he had been going through a particularly chaotic and traumatic time in his life.

The solicitor told the court that Turner’s children had been put into care and he and his partner had been told they were being put up for adoption. Mr Storer said: “Every time they went to see their children they didn’t know if it would be the last time. It was a very emotional time.”

The children have now been adopted and the pair are trying to get their lives back on track, he added, before supporting the request by probation to resentence his previous offences.

Mr Storer added: “He accepts not only is his life in a complete mess, but also he has made a mess of all the chances the court has given him. It’s been a very traumatic time for him and it has led to him slipping back into offending. I would urge you to give him the chance to show that he can stop offending.”

Magistrates revoked the original orders and gave him a six-month jail sentence suspended for 18 months for all the offences.