Smartphone usage in Boston on the increase

SMARTPHONE data usage in the Boston area has shot up 85 per cent in just three months - according to mobile phone network Three.

While the national average increase is around 67 per cent, the number of residents in Boston using iPhones and other smartphones to surf the web and access social networking sites is growing ‘at an astonishing rate’.

A spokesman for Three said the weekly data usage of their customers in Boston leapt from 35GB at the end of October 2010, to 65GB at the end of January 2011.

This is the equivalent of 90,000 more webpages opened each week on handsets across the borough.

Three said some 94 per cent of people in Boston use their smartphone for web browsing, 52 per cent access social networking sites, 31 per cent watch videos on Youtube, 23 per cent send emails, 18 per cent download apps and 10 per cent download music.