Son stole his mother’s wedding and engagement rings to sell off

A MAN stole his mum’s wedding ring and engagement ring so he could pawn them and get himself a little extra cash.

Peter Parrish also pawned a ring with the word Mum on it when he took the jewellery from the family home in Woodville Road, Boston, on August 15, Boston Magistrates’ Court was told.

On Wednesday, the 25-year-old pleaded guilty to theft of three rings to the value of £850.

Jim Clare, prosecuting, said Parrish had been living with his parents since he was released from prison several months earlier. His dad had seen him through the kitchen window taking something from a jam jar which had been on the window sill.

It was only when his mum returned later and noticed the jar had moved that the rings were discovered missing, Mr Clare added.

Mitigating, Phillipa Chatterton said Parrish had been intending to buy the rings back when his benefits came through, but after missing an appointment with the benefits agency the payments were stopped and he missed the chance to retrieve the items.

She said he had not realised the significance of the rings when he took them, adding: “He admitted that when he realised they were his mother’s wedding and engagement rings he was deeply ashamed, but by then it was too late.

“He used the money for his own use and he was wrong.

“His family has washed their hands of him”

Magistrates asked for a probation report before sentencing, which will take place this week.