‘Sting bike’ to lure in cycle thieves in bid to tackle Boston’s ‘big three’

Police news.
Police news.

New plans to tackle the ‘big three’ property crimes have been unveiled by police - including a special ‘sting bike’ to lure in cycle thieves.

According to Lincolnshire Police, Boston residents are statistically more likely to become a victim of domestic burglary, theft from motor vehicle or theft of bicycle than any other crime.

In response, the force has launched three focussed initiatives.

To combat home and motor thefts officers will be actively looking for unattended, insecure properties and will be posting ‘crime prevention’ leaflets through the door.

They will also be looking out for insecure vehicles or ones where valuables have been left in view of potential thieves – they will try to locate the owners of these vehicles or write them a letter.

Community Insp Jim Manning said: “What I wish to say to people is please take care of your property and don’t leave it vulnerable to thieves.

“Some people say that if someone wants to steal something they will anyway, whatever the measures taken to protect it.

“This simply isn’t true. Many thieves are pure opportunists who don’t set out to steal but when confronted with something that is an easy target, they can’t help themselves and steal it.

“The harder you make something to steal, the less chance you have of it being stolen.”

To combat bike thefts, Boston officers are making use of a ‘sting bike’ which has a covert tracking device installed which can be monitored by police.

The bike will be placed in various locations around the town and police simply wait for it to be stolen.

Insp Manning said: “As soon as the thief moves the bike, it sends a message to us and we can follow its movements, allowing us to capture the thief and recover the bike”.

In addition to the sting bike, officers are also using a more overt two-wheeled deterrent.

Staff and students at Boston College, have given a bicycle a high-visibility makeover bearing the message to potential bike thieves that they are being watched.

Insp Manning added: “Please do your bit to protect your property and we will do ours and together we can lower your chances of being a victim of the three big property crimes.”