STREET DRINKING: Commissioner candidates back tough measures

CANDIDATES to become Lincolnshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner are in favour of tough action on street drinking in Boston.

The Conservative, Labour and two independent candidates have all told The Standard they would welcome a ban or a tougher crackdown.

Independent Mervyn Barrett said: “I know from talking to people that street drinking is their primary concern. I would therefore support calls for a ban, and measures put in place to enforce it.”

Fellow independent David Bowles said: “I would support what the local community wishes to do and am personally in favour of such bans.

“I do appreciate that there can be some issues of enforcement but I do not think that those should be allowed to get in the way of policies which can help reduce anti social behaviour and also reduce peoples fear of crime.”

He also called for support for alcoholics to reduce repeat crime.

Labour’s Phil Dilks said: “A targeted alcohol ban could be part of the solution but it would need policing and be an extra bureaucracy for the police we will still have after the 20 per cent cuts.”

He favours looking at a minimum alacohol unit price.

Conservative candidate Richard Davies is campaigning to ban anti-social street drinking.

He told The Standard: “I want to give police the backbone and confidence to act if they sense a problem.”

For a full interview with Richard Davies see this week’s Standard.