STRIKE: Police staff to strike tomorrow

POLICE staff in Lincolnshire will be among the millions of public sector workers on strike tomorrow.

Unison has announced that Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs), Control Room Operators, Custody Assistants and Town Enquiry Officers will be out on strike across the county.

Police chiefs say they cannot be specific about the effect of the strike on Boston because they do not know how many Unison members will go ahead with the strike.

A spokesman said about 42 per cent of police staff are members of Unison.

Unison says police staff face a salary cut and smaller pension as a result of Government cuts.

Branch secretary Deborah Parker said: “The most scandalous element of the ministers proposals is that the additional money we are being asked to pay will not go into the pension fund, but straight to treasury coffers, how can this be reasonable?

“This is a difficult dispute for us, as our grievances are not with Lincolnshire Police but with the Government ministers, we are left with no other choice than to join the day of action.”

UNISON has granted exemptions from the action to Lincolnshire Police for safety critical roles to protect the public.

A Lincolnshire Police spokesman said: “All organisations with significant emergency response roles, including police, fire and rescue, ambulance, maritime and Coastguard Agency, councils, NHS, Environment Agency, utility providers and volunteer organisations within the county are working together on plans to ensure that the impact of any strike action on the safety of the public is minimised and that key emergency services are maintained.

“Each organisation will be monitoring the impact of the day of action and making plans to ensure that there is as little disruption as possible to key public services.

“The priority will be to maintain the capability to respond to emergency calls and it is not currently anticipated that there will be a noticeable impact on this aspect of our service.

“It cannot be ruled out however, that other areas of service, such as dealing with non emergency calls and non urgent responses, may be affected.

“There will be ongoing monitoring of the situation and we will continue to work closely with other emergency responder organisations to plan and share information in order to ensure that Lincolnshire’s communities remain as safe as possible throughout the day of action.”

For more on the strike see tomorrow’s Boston Standard.