Tags for day release inmates as open prison comes under spotlight over ‘sexual assault’

North Sea Camp
North Sea Camp

Inmates at North Sea Camp will be forced to wear electronic tags on day release – with the open prison now under investigation.

The Chief Inspector of Prisons will ‘urgently investigate’ the Freiston Shore facility after convicted robber Alan Wilmott was alleged to have committed a sexual assault in Butterwick while on day release on September 15.

The investigation into North Sea Camp, along with two other prisons, was ordered by justice secretary Chris Grayling as part of a crackdown on crimes committed by people released on temporary licence (ROTL).

He said: “I want the public to have absolute faith in our criminal justice system. Like everyone else, I have been horrified about the recent cases of offenders out on temporary licence who have been charged with very serious offences.

“Temporary licence can be an important tool in preparing offenders for their release from prison.

“But I want to make sure it is not being done at the expense of public safety.

“I’ve ordered this review into exactly how temporary licence was granted in three specific prisons, in light of recent ROTL failures. I’m determined to get to the bottom of what went wrong. In future when people are released I want to see them tagged so we know where they have been.”

Offenders on day release will wear tags with ‘anti-tamper technology’ that alert the authorities if any attempt is made to remove them or they travel too far way.

Oldham mum Loretta Koselka told The Standard she raised a number of issues with North Sea Camp after her son Michael, 32, had a spell there earlier this year.

She said her son, who was behind bars for robbery, heard fellow offenders boasting about offences they were going to commit while out on day release.

Mrs Koselka said: “The things my son said could open your eyes.”