Teens playing with fire at skate park

Police at scene of skate park vandalism.
Police at scene of skate park vandalism.

Teenagers have told youths to ‘show some respect’ and stop setting light to aerosol cans near a memorial to their friend at a skatepark.

A can was ignited at the end of a skate ramp at the teen park in Donington displaying the artwork memorial to Joshua Reed - who died aged 19 last year.

Police fear the youths could seriously harm themselves and teens say it is disrespectful.

One said: “Show some respect. We all knew Josh and wouldn’t have damaged his memorial.

“Someone said it was youths from Boston but we don’t know. But we’re getting new ramps and we don’t want this spoiling it for us.”

Fundraising for the skatepark was started in 2006 by a voluntary youth group called Flinders Founders.

The land was provided by the parish council and the group secured a grant of £79,000 from a government Youth Capital Fund.

They are now applying for another £38,000 from WREN and Lincolnshire Community Grant Aid to redesign the park and install bigger ramps.

Retired teacher Margaret Wright, who has helped the group, said: “When we got the land it was just a dump. The young people of the village have worked so hard to get the skatepark as it is today.

“They run it and maintain it and it’s somewhere they can go - even if they don’t skateboard or ride BMX cycles. This is why we were so angry when we heard someone had been down there setting off aerosol cans.”

PCSO Sally Pusy said: “Our concern is youths could be burned or hit by shrapnel - or the fire could spread. We need people to call us if they see something suspicious so we can stop it.”

Fellow PCSO Ian Coulson said the fires ‘tarnished’ the good work from the teens who set the park up.

Anyone with information should call police on 101.