Ten-year jail sentence for drink-drive killer

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A CONVICTED murderer who was responsible for the death of a moped rider in Boston has been sentenced to ten years in prison at Lincoln Crown Court.

Intars Pless was revealed to have committed murder in his native Latvia after being convicted for the death of Valentina Planciunene, following a binge on whisky which left him two-and-a-half times over the drink drive limit.

British police had no idea that the 35-year-old, who had served a jail sentence for murdering a drinking partner, was in the country until February when Miss Planciunene was killed.

Pless had been drinking heavily on February 14, before he got behind the wheel and drove. It was on the Boardsides, at Wyberton Fen, where he hit Miss Planciunene, 37, and pushed her into the path of an oncoming people carrier, the court was told.

The jury also heard that Miss Planciunene, who moved from Belarus to the UK four years ago, was wearing high-visibility clothing - a white helmet and a fluorescent yellow coat.

After she had been hit, Pless left her for dead on the road.

Passing sentence on Thursday, Judge Sean Morris told Pless, of Hilda Street, Boston, he detected no remorse.

Judge Morris said: “You are 35, you are alive, that is more than can be said for your victim.

“On February 15 Valentina Planciunene left her home and a man who loved her to go to work. She was dressed properly, wearing a high-visiblity jacket and had her lights on.

“She was not to know elsewhere in Lincolnshire coming along the road weaving from side to side was Intars Pless fired up on whisky and who knows what.

“You were an accident waiting to happen.”

Pless was also disqualified from driving for five years and ordered to take an extended re-test before he can get behind the wheel.

Pless was 18 when he was said to have used an axe to ‘garrot’ a drinking companion in Latvia, before setting fire to the house to hide the evidence

Gareth Wheetman, mitigating, told the court: “He does not accept it was an axe,” Mr Wheetman added. “He says it was a knife. He acted in excessive self defence and recieved a sentence of just three years.”