Thief warns magistrates: “Imprison me or I’ll re-offend”

A Latvian national, who wants to return to his homeland, threatened to reoffend if magistrates did not send him to prison.

Viktors Miholevics, 41, of no fixed abode, appeared at Boston Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday pleading guilty to stealing a £49.99 jacket belonging to Sports Direct and failing to surrender to bail.

Prosecutor Marie Stace said Miholevics activated alarms as he left the store on December 10, 2013. A witness saw him run with a bag, stopped him, and called police who found the jacket.

She said he had gone to the shop with another man and had no intention of stealing, however, the other gave him the bag which he took outside.

Defending, Rachel Stevens said the matter followed another two convictions – one resulting in a fine that had ‘no prospect of being paid off’.

She said Miholevics has had nowhere to live since last summer. She said he had got himself ‘embroiled in the drug culture’ but had now ‘extracated himself from it’ and was clean.

She said he had been squatting at a property in Sidney Street but had been evicted and had been sleeping in the streets where he complained he was ‘cold and hungry’.

She said: “Through me, he’s asking the court for a custodial sentence.”

“He’s also expressed a desire to be deported,” she added.

“I’d further add he has told me, if he’s not given a custodial sentence today, he will commit a further offence.”

She said she had tried, unsuccessfully, to contact Framework, a charity which helps repatriate people.

Magistrates decided on the discharge and asked for a £15 victim surcharge to be paid within 28 days.