Three years for GBH duo

TWO drink-fuelled Boston teens who carried out a savage unprovoked attack on a passer-by have each been locked up for three years.

Thomas Jarvis and Christian Sharp repeatedly punched and kicked Janis Bernis, 29, after cornering him against a wall in South Street, Boston.

Phil Howes, prosecuting, told Lincoln Crown Court the incident began when Jarvis threw a beer bottle at Mr Bernis as he walked by the Sam Newsom Music Centre. Sharp then ran after Mr Bernis and cornered him before delivering around 40 blows to the victim’s head and body in quick succession. Jarvis then joined in and the two continued to rain punches while Mr Bernis lay unconscious on the floor. Jake Priestley, a friend of the attackers, started to intervene, but then also began kicking.

Mr Bernis suffered bruising to his head, face and body.

Jarvis, 19, of Wheeler Close, and Sharp, 19, of Windsor Terrace, admitted attempting to cause grievous bodily harm as a result of the attack during the early hours of June 30.

Priestley, 19, of Fenside Road, Boston, admitted common assault. He was given four months custody suspended for two years with 240 hours of unpaid work and was banned from visiting any licensed premises, except for supermarkets, for two years.

Judge Peter Clark said on Friday: “This was absolutely disgraceful behaviour. This was a man who was wholly defenceless. It was unforgivable.”

Giles Bedloe, for Jarvis, said his client was deeply ashamed and embarrassed. He said: “It was an action that was completely out of character. He is educated, hard working and he has a loving and supportive family. He is extremely relieved that the consequences to the victim were not far more serious.”

Neil Sands, for Sharp, said he had been a victim of crime in the past and was remorseful. He said: “That night he had a considerable amount of alcohol and everything came to the surface. He went from victim to villain. All he can offer is his unreserved apology.”

Graham Huston, for Priestley, said he initially acted as a peace maker and pulled the others off.