Travellers moved on twice in Boston after resettling from Woodville Road to Staniland Car Park


Travellers have been moved on twice in the past few days as the council promises it will continue to use powers to deal with illegal encampments.

The police served a notice against the travellers over the weekend to move them on after they arrived at Woodville Park.

A statement from the council on Friday, when the camp first arrived, said: “Thanks to the vigilance of local residents the Council is aware of an unlawful encampment that has been set up at Woodville Road.

“Residents should be assured that the Council will use the legal powers available to it to disperse the encampment as soon as the law allows.”

However, reports soon surfaced that they had resettled at Staniland Car Park near Wickes and he council this morning (Monday) confirmed it had used powers itself to move them on again.

The spokesman said it could not confirm whether or not the travellers would resettle elsewhere in the town but said if they did remain or return to the borough it would continue to use the powers available to it as soon as possible to deal with them.