Trio left man covered in blood after party

THREE youths left a man covered in blood after attacking him outside a house party in Kirton, Lincoln Crown Court was told on Friday.

The court was told how victim Stefan Darrigan argued with one of his attackers, Kane Cartwright, over a cigarette and the dispute continued in the street on the Dennis Estate.

Prosecutor Mark Watson said Cartwright started the violence by punching out and knocking Mr Darrigan to the ground.

He said: “He then straddled Mr Darrigan and repeatedly punched him when he was on the ground. There were five or six blows.”

Kai Williams then threw a bottle before kicking Mr Darrigan while he was on the ground.

Joshua Wong then ran over and struck Mr Darrigan with a metal pole before the group ran off.

Mr Watson said: “Mr Darrigan was assisted back into the house. His face was completely swollen and he was unable to see through his eyes. He was covered in blood.”

Wong, 20, of Boston Road, Kirton, Cartwright, 18, of Shaw Road, Boston and Williams, 18, of Edinburgh Drive, Kirton; each admitted assaulting Stefan Darrigan causing him actual bodily harm on August 4, 2011.

Wong admitted possession of an offensive weapon and Cartwright admitted possession of a small amount of cannabis.

Wong also admitted a separate assault on a 19-year-old student in Kirton on June 21, 2011, together with theft of his victim’s mobile phone, theft of a trampoline from a garden and possession of cannabis. He was given 18 months at a young offenders’ institution.

Cartwright and Williams were each given a 12 month sentence suspended for two years. Cartwright was given a 12 week night-time curfew and Williams a 16 week curfew.

They were both prohibited from having any contact with each other or with Wong for 12 months.

Sandra Clarke, for Wong, said he realised he faced an immediate jail sentence and after losing his accommodation handed himself in to police and was remanded in custody to await his hearing. She said Wong has been working hard to improve his life while on remand.

Gordon Aspden, for Williams, said his behaviour has changed since his arrest and he has cut back on his drinking as well as conforming with a night time curfew while on bail.

Sunil Khanna, for Cartwright, said his client thought it was to be a one on one fist fight with Mr Darrigan and was so shocked when Wong produced the weapon that he got up and walked away.