Two arrested in Spalding after woman uncovers bank scam after seeing Boston police poster

Police SUS-150806-131342001
Police SUS-150806-131342001

Two men from London have been arrested after a couple from Spalding were victim of a bank scam.

The couple were contacted by telephone on Friday, June 26 by a person claiming to be a police officer who was investigating a case of fake money at a local bank branch.

The victims were told to withdraw money from their account and it would be collected for checking. The victims complied and then were asked to do the same for another account held at a branch in Boston.

Whilst the victim was at the bank in Boston, she saw one of Lincolnshire Police’s Op Solitude posters explaining the scam, and realised that she had been duped.

She contacted the police and two men, aged 21 from London, were arrested in Spalding that afternoon on suspicion of fraud. The cash was recovered.

The two men have been released on police bail until August 2 to allow the investigation to continue.

Lincolnshire Police are asking the public’s help in continuing to raise awareness of the ‘courier scam’ and all its variants. You can assist by making sure your friends, neighbours and relatives all know about this type of fraud and what to do if they receive a call