UPDATE: Man sectioned after seen with air weapon in the street

Friday, 2pm: POLICE say the man they arrested after he was spotted walking along a Boston street with an air rifle yesterday has been sectioned.

A spokesman told The Standard today: “Following a domestic altercation in Woodville Road yesterday a man was arrested nearby in possession of an air rifle, it was unloaded and no members of the public were ever at risk.

“The man was subsequently sectioned under the mental health act and is receiving treatment.”

Thursday, 3.30pm: A POLICE dog handler tackled a man seen carrying an an ‘air-powered weapon’ in a Boston Street this morning.

Chief Insp Paul Timmins confirmed a man had been arrested in Carlton Road at approximately 10.45am today (Thursday), after being spotted walking down the street with the weapon.

He said he was seen by an officer who called in the incident, and armed response was called out, However the dog handler was close by and was on the scene within minutes, using their dog to bring the man down ‘before officers could even get out the door’.

Mr Timmins said: “There were no threats to anybody, and no reports of him threatening to use the weapon.”

The man was then brought into custody at Boston Police Station.

Mr Timmins said: “The information came in really quickly this morning, officers reported it as firearms and it was such a quick moving incident.

“Literally within seconds an officer was following him and we were able to get the dog handler.”