UPDATE: Murder accused admits responsibility for death at New Year’s Day party - claims manslaughter

Court crest
Court crest

A New Year’s Day party guest accused of murdering the party host this afternoon (Tuesday) admitted he was responsible for the death but denied he intended to kill.

Ricardas Mazeika has denied the murder of Deimantas Strelciunas, 41, during the party at Mr Strelciunas’ home St Ann’s Wharf, off London Road in Boston.

Nic Lobbenberg QC, prosecuting, told the jury at Lincoln Crown Court that Mr Stelciunas suffered fatal injuries after he was attacked at least three times by Mazeika during an incident in the hallway of the property.

The jury was told that the two men shared three bottles of vodka between them in less than five hours of drinking before Mazeika became upset when his partner danced with Strelciunas.

Before any evidence was called Paul Mann QC, representing Mazeika, told the jury “The defendant accepts there was a confrontation on the staircase which led to him assaulting the deceased and the two of them falling down the stairs.

“His case is that he is guilty of manslaughter and not guilty of murder. He at no stage intended to cause the deceased’s death or serious injury.”

Ricardas Mazeika,30, of Laughton Road, Boston, denies the murder of Deimantas Strelciunas on 1 January this year.

Earlier today, prosecutor Nic Lobbenberg told the court the party host was killed by a guest in the hallway of his own home.

The trial continues on Wednesday.