UPDATE: Officers continue to appeal for sightings of man who escaped custody in Boston

Have you seen this man?
Have you seen this man?

Officers are continuing to appeal for sightings of a Lithuanian man who escaped, handcuffed, while being taken into Boston Police Station.

In order to make good his escape, Aurimas Butkys assaulted a police officer before fleeing yesterday at just before 5pm yesterday (Thursday).

According to a tweet from the police he is also said to have ‘jumped an 8ft fence’.

Chief Supt Phil Vickers said: “We are satisfied that Butkys is not a risk to the public. That said every effort is being made to find him and that is the immediate priority. As the operational lead for policing in Boston, the buck stops with me.

“It isn’t as simple as blaming the officers escorting him. I will review how this happened and look at what action is required to prevent it happening again. I would like to thank the public and the media for their ongoing support in reporting any information that could help us find him.”

While the police’s assessment of Butkys is that he is not a risk to the public, the force says the fact that he has assaulted an officer who got in his way means they would urge the public not to approach him but to call 101 or 999 in an emergency.