Vandals strike just a week after Boston Council agrees to open town centre toilets 24/7

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Vandals have struck at Boston’s Central Park toilets within a week of the borough council agreeing to open them 24 hours a day.

The toilet attendants who turned up on Tuesday morning were faced with toilet roll strewn all over the floor, dirty sinks and broken soap dispensers.

Council leader Cllr Aaron Spencer announced the decision to open all town centre public toilets 24/7 after concerns about anti-social issues, including people going to the toilet on streets and public places, were raised at a public meeting.

The decision came into effect last Monday, and just seven days later, vandals struck.

Boston Council stated on its Facebook page: “The council responded rapidly to community concerns about people urinating in the streets of Boston so we opened our toilets 24/7… then look what happens, mindless vandalism, this happened just last [Monday] night!

“Our toilet attendants arrived this morning and had to deal with this mess. Would you put up with this?”

The post has attracted a huge number of comments condemning the mindless acts of damage.