VIDEO: Police and crime commissioner on street drinking and Boston

Newly-elected police and crime commissioner Alan Hardwick visited Boston today (Wednesday) to tour the town centre with police.

Mr Hardwick was taken round the Market Place, Pescod Square and other areas of town by Sgt Gary Joynes where he spoke with members of the public and the Sgt about issues the town faced.

PCC Alan Hardwick and Sgt Gary Joynes. DJ

PCC Alan Hardwick and Sgt Gary Joynes. DJ

These included street drinking which Alan feels strongly about and wants to eradicate in Lincolnshire.

He said: “I don’t think that there should be any grey areas. If you are drinking on the street then that’s wrong.”

He praised Boston and said it had had a ‘new lease of life’ since he had last visited saying he had found a ‘lively, positive atmosphere’ in the town.

Following his tour he then spoke to staff at Lincolnshire Voluntary Community Service at the Len Medlock Centre.

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