VIDEO: Police get on the beat to reduce opportunities for would-be burglars

Kirton was used as a launch pad for a new police initiative to cut down on summertime burglaries.

Officers were out and about in the village on Friday, knocking on people’s doors and pointing out openings that burglars may take advantage of while home owners are distracted.

Kirton Burglary initiatives PCSO

Kirton Burglary initiatives PCSO

According to officials, summer is a time when police often see an increase in the number of burglaries committed at residential properties where access is gained through open windows and doors.

They say a determined burglar can get through the smallest of open windows and may even use a householder’s own set of ladders from your garage to access first-floor windows.

Det Sgt Daniel Whyment said: “Periodically, through the summer months we see rises in burglary dwellings because of the hot weather, people tend to leave windows open, patio doors open and front doors unlocked to let fresh air in while they may be cutting the grass at the rear of the premises and this creates opportunities for would-be burglars to gain entry and steal property.

“What we’d like to see is those opportunities reduced by getting the message out to people to reduce the opportunities to reduce burglaries.”

He added: “Year-on-year we are reducing the number of burglaries across Boston and South Holland, but that doesn’t mean we should be complacent.

“What we want to do is reassure people we are out and about and that Boston is a safe area to live.”