Warning to slow down in icy conditions after cars come off road in morning weather

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Police have issued a warning to motorists to slow down in icy conditions following a rash of accidents taking place this morning (Friday).

A police spokesman said Boston had gotten off lightly compared to the rest of the county with only an incident on Skeldyke Road, Kirton, being reported at 8.30am.

However, they added that if no-one was injured and it was single vehicle there often wasn’t any need for the occupant to call police.

The Standard understands other incidentshave taken place including at Anton’s Gowt where a car was seen in the ditch.

The official advice came after two collisions were reported in 20 minutes on the A52 Huttoft Road, Sutton on Sea which is described as ‘treacherous’.

The spokesman said: “Police are reminding drivers to consider the conditions and be on guard. Anyone who has lost control of their car on the ice will know that sinking feeling. Please slow down, increase your distance with the car in front and take extra care on bends in the road.”