Watching ‘eyes’ to deter people from using street as a toilet

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A poster featuring a pair of watching eyes is being used to tackle people who are defecating and urinating in a Boston alleyway in broad daylight.

Along with a CCTV camera, it is hoped the multi-lingual ‘You Are Being Watched’ poster will prevent the anti-social behaviour in Hatter Lane.

The lane, between Bridge Street and West Street, is a public right of way but mainly serves the rear entrances of businesses and some homes.

One of the businesses has installed a CCTV camera and will make incriminating images available to the police and Boston Borough Council.

The staring eyes campaign has been launched by the police, the council and the East Lincolnshire Community Safety Partnership - and has proved to be successful in other parts of the UK.

The council has had to deal with fly tipping in the alleyway in the recent past.

Peter Hunn, Boston Borough Council’s principal community safety officer, said: “Hatters Lane presents particular problems because it is too conveniently located for this sort of abuse. It is close to the town centre, little used and very narrow, providing all the right sorts of opportunities for all the wrong sorts of behaviour.

“There are no excuses for what is happening there. We want to dissuade people from the anti-social activity which is distressing for people who live and work in properties along the lane. We will have access to CCTV images and will take appropriate action if we are able to identify anyone.”

The council has also has a request for another poster in Archers Lane.