White van driver got fed up of being stopped by police

Court news.
Court news.

A white van driver got so fed up of being pulled over by police when he’d done nothing wrong that he decided to ignore a request to stop.

Joseph Holland, 21, of Judge Close, Boston, failed to stop when requested by a constable while driving his white transit van in Boston on October 19.

Prosecutor Nick Todd told Boston Magistrates Court on Wednesday that officers saw Holland driving at 1.30am and because of the manner of driving, the officers ‘followed him for some time’.

He said they started flashing lights and when he failed to stop activated the sirens.

“Eventually, the vehicle tried to turn round at the end of a road and officers alighted the police car and had to take the ignition key from the transit,” said Mr Todd.

In interview Mr Todd said Holland admitted he was aware of the police but wanted to get home so didn’t stop.

Holland, who was unrepresented, said he felt he had been persecuted by the police because he drove a white van - which he had only had a few months.

He said: “I have been driving a lot of times and I have been stopped by police a number of times because I drive a white transit van.”

Holland, who admitted the offence, said it was because his type of van is often used in criminal activities.

He gave an example of an occasion in Hubberts Bridge as one time when police had pulled him over and searched his van. They found nothing untoward.

On this occasion he said: “It was late, I was hungry, I wanted to get home. There was some stuff I wanted to say in interview about being followed before but I just wanted to get home.”

Chairman of the magistrates Steve Burgess said: “We have heard your reasons for not stopping, we can never condone that, we may be able to understand it but we can never condone it so the offence has to be marked in some way.”

Holland was given a 12 month conditional discharge, and ordered to pay a £15 victim surcharge and £40 costs.