Women (64) failed to provide sample when stopped on her way to shops to buy more wine

A sixty-four-year-old woman who admitted to police that she had driven to the shops after having wine failed to give a full breath specimen to police, Boston magistrates were told.

When officers arrived at Margaret Graves’ Brackenbury Way, Boston, home to quiz her about a suspected incident, she immediately told them she had been drinking and had driven to the shop to buy more wine, said Marie Stace prosecuting.

But when she was taken to the police station she was not able to fulfil the requirements of the breath test and did not give a full reading.

The 64-year-old, of Boston, admitted failing to provide a specimen on August 20 when she appeared at Boston Magistrates’ Court last Wednesday.

Andrew Goldsborough, defending, said Graves was ‘extremely ashamed’ of her actions on that day. He added: “Never having been to the police station before she found herself in circumstances where she knew she had done wrong. This is not a person who has deliberately refused to provide a specimen, but the situation has overpowered her and she became extremely nervous. She tried her best.”

Magistrates banned her from the roads for 14 months and handed her a fine of £245. She also has to pay £85 court costs and a £15 victim surcharge.