Worker banned from roads for failing to provide breath sample

Court news.
Court news.
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A man who failed to give a sample of breath at Boston Police Station after the car he was driving was involved in an accident has been disqualified for three years.

Boston worker Tadeus Ivancevic, 35 , appeared before Boston Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday where he pleaded guilty to failing to provide a specimen for analysis.

Prosecutor Nick Todd said the vehicle involved belonged to a friend of Ivencevic’s and had at 1.30pm on September 15, been involved in an accident when it went into the rear of another vehicle.

He said the ‘victim’ had tried to prevent the friend from driving off unsuccessfully, and police began looking for the vehicle.

The vehicle was later spotted by police on the A16 at Crowland.

Mr Todd said: “This time Ivancevic was driving, he refused to give a roadside breath sample and was arrested and at Boston Police Station he again refused to give a sample of breath.

“He signed the custody book to that effect.”

Ivancevic had one previous conviction from 2005 for a similar offence, which he was reminded was within the 10 year period when he argued he had been dealt with for it and it was ‘a long time ago’.

When asked if he had anything to say in defence, Ivancevic spoke through an interpreter to say: “Not other than I’m guilty.”

Ivancevic, of Willonholt, Peterborough, revealed to the court he earns £220 a week.

Magistrates ordered Ivancevic to pay a £200 fine, £85 costs and £20 victim surcharge.

He was also disqualified for three years.

He was not offered a drink drive rehabilitation course.