Wrong tax date alerted police

POLICE intelligence indicating a driver who drugs in his car led officers to discover a lapsed MOT certificate and a fraudulent tax disc, Boston Magistrates’ Court was told last week.

Pcs on mobile patrol stopped Victoriano Filgueiras on the A17 at Swineshead Bridge after records showed he may be carrying illegal drugs, but after approaching the car they found more than they bargained for, discovering needles full of amphetamine solution, along with powdered amphetamine and an amount of cannabis.

They also noticed a fake tax disc, on which the date had been altered, and discovered he was driving the car without an MOT, the prosecution said.

The 42-year-old, of Sydney Street, Boston, pleaded guilty to one count of possessing a class A drug, as ampetamine becomes a class A drug when it is made into a solution, two counts of possessing a class B drug, using a motor vehicle without a test certificate and fraudulently using a vehicle excise licence.

Marie Stace, prosecuting, said Filgueiras told officers at the roadside that he was a drug user, and warned them to be careful when searching the car because there may be exposed needles prepared for use. He told the officers he kept the drugs in the car as his girlfriend would not allow them in the house.

She added that police spotted the photocopied tax disc as it had September 31 written on it in biro. It caught their attention as there are only 30 days in September.

Mitigating, John Storer said he had tried to renew his tax disc, but had been unable to do so because he did not have a valid MOT certificate. He added that he had an appointment booked for the day after he had been stopped on June 1.

Mr Storer told magistrates: “Clearly there is a problem with amphetamine and there has been for several years. He is now seeking help with that.”

Magistrates ordered him to pay a total of £300, along with £85 court costs and a £15 victim surcharge. They also asked for forfeiture and destruction of the drugs.